Cargo ships unloading at port (© Jens Büttner/picture alliance/Getty Images)

Tackling supply chain challenges together

International partnerships are vital to the world's supply chains. See how countries are working to speed shipments of vaccines and food.
Boxes being loaded into cargo plane (U.S. Government)

As variants surge, a global vaccination push

The United States and international partners are continuing to increase COVID-19 vaccination rates in dozens of countries around the world.
Young female health worker vaccinating man (USAID)

Partnering to end COVID-19 in Asia

USAID works with partners in Asia to combat COVID-19 by distributing vaccines, countering disinformation and helping businesses recover.
Woman in colorful dress receives a COVID-19 vaccine (© USAID RHITES-EC 2022)

Increasing COVID-19 vaccinations in Africa

The U.S. is surging COVID-19 vaccines, equipment and other support to help sub-Saharan African nations increase vaccinations.
Person in protective gear giving vaccine shot to woman (U.S. Embassy El Salvador/Juan Carlos Quintero)

U.S. sends COVID-19 vaccines worldwide [June 2022]

The United States is donating billions in COVID-19 vaccine doses, funding for COVAX and medical supplies to countries all over the world.
Boy looking at his left shoulder with sleeve rolled up (© Niranjan Shrestha/AP Images)

Helping countries vaccinate children against COVID-19

More than 30 countries and international groups attended a June meeting on the COVID-19 Global Action Plan. Learn the latest developments.
Person in protective gear giving vaccine shot to woman (U.S. Embassy El Salvador/Juan Carlos Quintero)

Partnering to defeat COVID-19 in El Salvador

USAID is helping El Salvador defeat COVID-19. See the many ways this partnership is helping to save lives and spur economic recovery.
7 people waving while posing for photo (© Evan Vucci/AP Images)

Summit of the Americas inspires commitments on migration, green energy and...

The ninth Summit of the Americas inspired the United States and other countries to pledge action on climate change and migration.
Blue and pink jeepney on street with 'USAID' and COVID-19 message painted on side (USAID/Rosana Ombao)

Getting vaccines to remote communities in the Philippines

USAID is getting vaccines to Filipinos in remote locations using mobile vaccination stations and iconic World War II–era "jeepneys."