Aerial view of eroded land surrounded by forest (© Carols Garcia Rawlins/Reuters)

How ‘blood gold’ damages the Amazon rainforest in Venezuela

Illegal gold mining operations in Venezuela are destroying the Amazon rainforest, including Indigenous sacred sites.
Illustration of small figures holding back hands exchanging money (State Dept./D. Thompson)

Honoring courageous anti-corruption champions

Corruption hollows out economies and erodes public trust. Meet some of the brave men and women tackling this challenge.
Security guard standing near poster hanging on glass door (© AFP/Getty Images)

Ortega closes NGOs in Nicaragua, cutting off essential services

The Ortega regime voted to cancel licenses for 144 NGOs, forcing the humanitarian, medical and educational organizations to close.
Headshots of Alexandra Attalides, Juris Juriss, Ruslan Ryaboshapka and Nikolay Staykov (State Dept.)

Tackling corruption in Europe and getting results

Meet anticorruption champions in Bulgaria, Cyprus, Latvia and Ukraine who are challenging corrupt officials and increasing transparency.
Young men and women laughing around a video camera and boom mic (Courtesy of Hetq Media Factory)

Supporting independent journalism in Europe

Meet some reporters in Serbia, Armenia and Georgia who inform their communities and build a tradition of journalistic independence.
Hand with cross bracelet holding photo of young man in front of Nicaraguan flag (© Oswaldo Rivas/AFP/Getty Images)

Nicaragua’s elections: Neither free nor fair

On November 7, the Ortega regime used coercion, scare tactics and cronyism to declare itself the winner of sham elections.
Three judges in robes standing and looking at files on desk (USAID/Sebastian Lindstrom)

How the U.S. and partner nations fight corruption

The United States is helping partner nations develop good governance practices and root out corruption. Learn about these efforts.
Antony Blinken clasping hands as he speaks at lectern (© Santiago Arcos/AP Images)

Delivering on the promise of democracy

The United States is supporting democracies in Latin America, helping to fight corruption, keep people safe and invest in communities.
Left photo: Novaya Gazeta editor Dmitry Muratov (© Rainer Jensen/dpa picture alliance archive/Alamy Stock Photo) Right photo: Rappler chief executive Maria Ressa (© Aaron Favila/AP Images)

Nobel honors journalists with peace prize

The Nobel Committee awarded its peace prize to two journalists, highlighting the role of free expression in countering authoritarianism.