Two images of Anas Aremeyaw Anas with mask and microphone (State Dept.)

Behind the mask, an unconventional African journalist [video]

Journalists play an important role in civil society by shining a light on wrongdoing and exposing corruption. See how far this journalist goes.
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Here’s how to root out government corruption

Corruption can seep into government. What can be done to root it out? Enter the inspector generals. Their job is to combat fraud, waste and abuse.
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Ukraine steps up its fight against financial crimes

Ukraine loses more than $11 billion every year in illicit financial outflows. The country is taking action to stop this drain on its resources.
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Lavish gifts for public officials? That means jail time in the...

In books and TV shows, you might see U.S. government officials accepting lavish meals and gifts. In reality, there are strict rules against this corruption.
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Fraud lands former Arizona official in prison

Public officials must be held to the same standards as citizens. A former Arizona state official admitted to stealing $5.9 million, and now he has to pay.
Illustration of a woman holding a shield in front of a Ukrainian skyline (State Dept./Doug Thompson)

She fights corruption to build a better Ukraine

Making sure government officials know punishment is inevitable if they are involved in corrupt activities is an important part of Viktoriia Azarian’s work.

Ukraine gets better as it fights corruption [video]

Ukraine is “changing for the better,” say three Ukrainian investigators in a video about the reforms taking place in their country.

New rules. New police. New investigators. Ukraine is working hard to...

Investigators from Ukraine’s newly created National Anti-Corruption Bureau discuss how they plan to accelerate the pace of reform.

After progress in 2015, Ukraine looks to the new year

What will happen in Ukraine in 2016? First, look at the progress in 2015, including in agriculture, finance, energy and reduced reliance on Russian gas.