Celia Cruz, in blue dress with peacock feathers, smiling with arms outstretched (© KMazur/WireImage/Getty Images)

Cuban American salsa singer Celia Cruz honored on U.S. coin

Celia Cruz immigrated to the U.S. following the Cuban Revolution, going on to become a cultural icon and the "Queen of Salsa."
Man wrapping arms around another man and pulling him backward (© Ramon Espinosa/AP Images)

Political prisoners suffer abuses in Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua

Hundreds of political prisoners in Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela are subjected to torture and other human rights abuses.
Woman crying as she holds cell phone displaying photo of her brother (© Yamil Lage/AFP/Getty Images)

U.S. condemns Cuban government’s repression of free speech

After the historic July 11, 2021, protests across Cuba, the government has cracked down on its citizens for demanding essential human rights.
People waiting in line on street (© Ramon Espinosa/AP Images)

The American people are helping Cubans in crisis

The U.S. embargo against Cuba still allows nongovernmental organizations, private citizens and religious groups to send aid to Cuba.
Antony Blinken speaking at lectern with flags behind him (© Ken Cedeno/AP Images)

Fight for a world without human trafficking

A new State Department report will inform global efforts to fight human trafficking. Learn more about the heroes who are supporting victims.
Group of people, one taking a selfie, at night (© Yamil Lage/AFP/Getty Images)

Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela strike out against free speech

The authoritarian regimes in Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela are cracking down on their citizens' freedoms of speech and of the press.
People holding arms of shouting man in street (© Ramon Espinosa/AP Images)

Cuba’s ‘outrageous’ bid to join the U.N. Human Rights Council

Cuba wants a seat on the U.N. Human Rights Council. Find out why its government's human rights record makes it such a poor candidate.
Nun praying near charred remains on pedestal (© Oscar Navarrete/Pool/AFP/Getty Images)

Regimes target the faithful in Cuba, Nicaragua, Venezuela

Authoritarian rulers in Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela are suppressing religious freedom. Learn more about these regimes' attacks on religion.
People in two red classic convertibles raising arms to take pictures in front of cruise ship (© Ramon Espinosa/AP Images)

Visiting Cuba fuels regime’s repression

Learn how Cuba's state-dominated economy funnels revenue from tourism, rum and cigar sales to a regime that abuses its people.