cultural preservation

Statue amid ruins (© AP Images)

The U.S. has a new weapon to stop black market trafficking...

A new U.S. law will help keep Syrian treasures from entering the American art and antiquities markets.
Elderly men and women standing in crowd, wiping their tears (© AP Images)

Did Russia really ban descendants from remembering the victims of Stalin’s...

On the anniversary of Stalin's deportation of thousands of Crimeans from their homes, Russia continues their repression by banning memorial events.
Man guarding a book containing a letter written by Christopher Columbus (© AP Images)

Mystery solved: Stolen Christopher Columbus letter goes back to Italy

Over 500 years ago, Christopher Columbus wrote about his travels to the New World. Now, after its own journeys, his letter is returning to Italy.
Jamala, wearing a dark blue evening dress, smiling and holding a trophy and a bouquet of flowers (© AP Images)

Ukrainian wins Eurovision with a dramatic song

Eurovision crowned Ukraine’s Jamala — a Crimean Tatar who has not been home since Russia occupied the peninsula in March 2014 — as this year’s winner.
Justin Timberlake walking among crowd (© AP Images)

Welcome to America, Eurovision

For the first time, 50 million households across the U.S. will be able to watch a live broadcast of Europe's longest-running song contest.
Facial reconstructions of slaves to be reburied (©AP Images)

Remains of slaves to be honored, reburied in New York [video]

The remains of 14 slaves found by construction workers will be publicly memorialized and buried beside prominent families in New York in June.
Salma Hayek posing in front of city skyline (© AP Images)

Arab Americans who have made a difference

Arab influences can be found throughout America, from actors to scientists. Meet some of the Arab Americans making a positive mark.
Holocaust Museum, with projected images (© AP Images)

Holocaust Museum teaches warning signs of genocide

Museums are designed to educate their visitors. The Holocaust Museum teaches its visitors to recognize early warning signs of genocide.
People outdoors next to dwellings made from containers (© AP Images)

Human rights hero shines light on Romani history

Activist Petre Florin Manole learned about himself growing up in Bucharest from a volume on the history of the Roma that he discovered in secondary school.