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Protecting Ukraine’s internet access and critical data

The Russian Federation's unjust war against Ukraine includes cyberattacks. Learn how the U.S. supports Ukraine's cyber defenses.
Illustration of Russian hiding behind Ukraine mask (State Dept./M. Gregory)

How Russia conducts false flag operations

Nations plant "false flags" to look like victims or justify war. Learn how Russia has used false flag operations to hide its aggression.
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Cybersecurity and you: Upgrade your skills with free courses

Protect yourself against hackers and cybercriminals with free online tools from firms such as Amazon, Microsoft and the U.S. government.
Secretary of State Antony Blinken speaking on the podium at the Foreign Service Institute (© Leah Millis/AP Images)

Blinken unveils ‘historic’ changes for State Department

A new era of global affairs requires nations to address climate change, global health and technology. See what the State Department is doing.
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Nations rally to fight global ransomware threat

The United States is partnering with numerous countries to disrupt ransomware incidents, which threaten infrastructure and the economy.
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The Quad: Advancing peace and prosperity in the Indo-Pacific

Leaders of the U.S., Australia, India and Japan met in Washington to advance cooperation on climate change, development and other priorities.
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Defending technology from authoritarian abuse

The U.S. is working with international partners to ensure the responsible development of technology and to prevent authoritarian misuse.
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U.S. helps countries build secure 5G networks

The U.S. is helping countries build their 5G wireless networks in a safe and reliable way, without going into unmanageable debt or compromising security.
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Expanded Clean Network initiative safeguards data

The Clean Network initiative protects the entire technology data system from malign actors around the world.