Muslims reject Daesh, overwhelmingly

While Daesh claims to act on behalf of Islam, a vast majority of Muslims around the world have a negative view of the group.

How can it be paradise when everybody’s leaving?

Those who are fleeing Daesh are among the more educated, which leaves a severe impact on those who stay under its rule.

7 Things You Need to Know About Russian Air Strikes in...

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry and Secretary of Defense Ash Carter responded to Russia's military strikes in Syria. Here's what you should know.

Secretary Kerry on Syria and countering terrorism

Kerry says if countries can marginalize the terrorists in Syria and bring that country together, they can "strike a huge blow against violent extremism."

Five actions the global coalition takes against Daesh

The Global Coalition to Counter ISIL, announced by President Obama in September 2014, uses multiple lines of effort to defeat Daesh.

Leaving Daesh: Defectors expose terrorist group’s lies and brutality

Three Daesh defectors say the image it projects on social media does not match the reality of the terrorist group’s lies and barbarism.

Terror victims speak out in ‘Hear Our Voices’

This powerful short film focuses on the stories of terror victims from around the world told in their own words.

Former Miss Jordan takes aim at terrorists online

What’s sure to be one of Daesh’s (ISIS, ISIL) worst nightmares is coming true: A woman is blunting the terrorists’ online messaging and recruiting efforts.

‘Daesh is stealing your antiquities’

Artifacts stolen by Daesh terrorists are back in Iraq where they belong.