disaster relief

Three women chopping vegetables at table (Courtesy of Ebru Baybara Demir)

How a chef’s ‘soul kitchens’ aided Türkiye’s earthquake recovery

Chef Ebru Baybara Demir uses her cooking skills for disaster relief. See how her kitchens fed thousands after earthquakes struck Türkiye.
Volunteers loading bags and boxes onto truck (© Jacquelyn Martin/AP)

How U.S. philanthropy benefits the world

Americans donated billions of dollars to charitable causes at home and abroad in 2022. Learn about the U.S. culture of helping others.
Cutout headshots on blue background of Paul Farmer, Timothy Shriver, José Andrés, Olga Murray, Jane Aronson, Anthony Shriver and member of Search and Rescue USA (© AP, © Getty Images, USAF/Master Sergeant Jeremy T. Lock)

World Humanitarian Day shines light on real-life heroes

World Humanitarian Day honors those who show that people who want to help others can make a difference. Here are some inspiring examples.
Women carrying bags of netting through field (© UNICEF/Mark Naftalin)

UNICEF receives unprecedented backing from the United States

With more than $880 million in contributions in 2021, the U.S. government is UNICEF's largest donor. Learn how else the U.S. supports UNICEF.
Syrian refugee family sitting on ground in front of tent (© Bilal Hussein/AP)

U.S. continues humanitarian support for Syria

Syrians face dual crises from natural disasters and conflict. Learn how the U.S. is supporting the relief effort.
People walking in flooded street guiding inflatable boat with others riding inside (© Olexander Kornykov/Vgoru Media)

U.S. sends aid to Ukraine following destruction of Kakhovka Dam

The U.S. is sending emergency aid to Ukraine after the destruction of a dam displaced thousands. Learn about U.S. support for relief efforts.
Woman washing clothes on table outdoors (© Orlando Sierra/AFP/Getty Images)

Preparing for hurricane season across Latin America

Learn how the U.S. Agency for International Development and its partners work to bolster Latin America's hurricane response.
A Japanese flag and a U.S. flag in front of a dark blue background (© Itsuo Inouye/AP)

Timeline of U.S.-Japan diplomatic history

For more than 70 years, Japan and the United States have been close allies, cooperating on many issues. Here's a timeline of their partnership.
People unloading relief supplies from Army helicopter in snow (U.S. Army/Specialist William Thompson)

Partners continue to assist Türkiye and Syria after earthquakes

The international community is assisting earthquake survivors in Türkiye and Syria. Learn how the U.S. is supporting the relief effort.