Medical worker in full protective suit (© Cellou Binani/AFP/Getty Images)

U.S. helps hospitals in Guinea regain people’s trust after Ebola

The Ebola outbreak shattered Guineans' trust in hospitals and emptied the maternity ward in one town. Now it's full again, thanks in part to USAID help.
Scientist in full protection suit in lab with image of Ebola virus onscreen (© AP Images)

Vaccine success: An end for Ebola?

An experimental Ebola vaccine could help prevent the spread of outbreaks like the one that killed thousands in West Africa.
Reflection of person wearing protective gear (© AP Images)

Diseases fly across borders, and these detectives go where the action...

Diseases don't have boundaries. When viruses like Zika, Ebola, MERS and SARS show themselves, these detectives head for the outbreak.

Liberia claims ‘monumental’ win over Ebola

Liberia's Ebola outbreak is over, the World Health Organization declares, more than 45 days after the last known Ebola transmission in Liberia.

African Union and U.S. aim to improve public health in Africa

The United States and the African Union partner to create the African Centres for Disease Control to improve public health across the continent.

After Ebola, ‘flow and rhythm’ of life revived in Liberia

After a horrific year beset by a devastating disease, Liberia may be close to liberation from Ebola. “Cases are now down 95 percent from the...

Progress on Ebola means kids back in school

Health care workers and military and other organizations from both inside and outside West African countries have worked hard to slow the Ebola virus...

Ebola cases decline, but the job is not yet done

Working together, West African scientists and health care workers, and their colleagues from the United States and other countries, have reduced the number of...
An instructor showing two health workers how to use protective gear (USAID)

Learning from Ebola

Though West Africa, with help from the international community, has made progress containing the Ebola virus outbreak, a long, hard fight remains to end...