People smiling while seated (State Dept./D.A. Peterson)

Wanted: African leaders for a 6-week fellowship

The Mandela Washington Fellowship is looking for up to 700 African leaders for a six-week academic and networking opportunity in the United States.
Infographic on business startups (GIST)

Startup 101: After you start, what comes next?

For any startup, a great business plan and targeting the right market are essential. But then comes the hard part of running the fledgling enterprise.
People posing in front of McDonald's sign (Courtesy of McDonald’s Deutschland)

For refugees in Germany, McDonald’s restaurants are a job and a...

McDonald's Germany, which has hired 900-plus refugees from Syria and other countries, teaches workers about their jobs and about German culture.
Horse standing on grassy field by lake (© AP Images)

Campfire diplomacy in Russian Siberia

ShareAmerica intern Zoe Swarzenski, a student at Wellesley College in Massachusetts, writes about her visit to the mountainous Russian region of Siberia.
People inside a large, elaborately decorated building (© AP Images)

Turkish studies flourish at Binghamton University in New York

Undergraduate students at Binghamton, in upstate New York, can now take advantage of the school’s expanding Ottoman and Turkish studies program.
Chris Cassidy in International Space Station; view of Earth through windows (NASA)

A top astronaut shares advice on getting to space

NASA's chief astronaut, Chris Cassidy, traveled to Brazil to share stories about space exploration with kids from Rocinha, Rio de Janeiro's largest favela.
Students talking among themselves in classroom (Courtesy of Nikita Ankem)

U.S. universities attract more than 1 million international students

More than 1 million students from around the world attend a college or university in the U.S. Find out what they're studying and where.
Man standing in front of US Capitol building (State Dept./D.A. Peterson)

The welcome mat is out at U.S. campuses for students from...

Students from Arabian Gulf states are thriving at American colleges and universities. See what some have to say about studying in the U.S.
President Obama meeting with student scientists (White House)

Kid science advisers counsel the president to think big

President Obama brought his newest advisory group — Kid Science Advisors — to the Oval Office to discuss how to engage kids with science and technology.