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U.S. sanctions 39 in Central America for corruption and undemocratic actions

The latest Corrupt and Undemocratic Actors Report lists 39 people, including two former presidents and dozens of officials.
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In the U.S., democracy begins in the classroom

American students are participating in the democratic process, from choosing classroom leaders to creating change in their communities.
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Why democracy improves a country’s economy

The United States is co-hosting the second Summit for Democracy at the end of March. Learn more about some of democracy's benefits.
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Kremlin plans sham referendums to annex parts of Ukraine

Moscow is rolling out a version of the same playbook it used in 2014 when Russia invaded Crimea and later held staged elections.
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Zambian youth set a new course for their country [infographic]

Young people in Zambia are staying engaged after the latest election. Find out how Zambia's next generation is contributing to society.
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U.S. mayors come from all walks of life

In many American cities, being a mayor is a part-time job. Learn about some of the interesting full-time jobs they have — and why.
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Local elections give individuals a voice in democracy [infographic]

Learn about the types of local positions Americans vote on every few years to select the people who will lead their communities.
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Nicaragua’s elections: Neither free nor fair

On November 7, the Ortega regime used coercion, scare tactics and cronyism to declare itself the winner of sham elections.
A man pushing his mother, who is holding ballot, in wheelchair at polling station during elections (© Nabil al-Jurani/AP Images)

Summit for Democracy: Galvanizing hope and action

President Biden will host the Summit for Democracy, a virtual event with governments, civil society and private sector groups, December 9–10.