Man sitting on edge of table with sign behind him (Dept. of State/D.A. Peterson)

Journalists to politicians: ‘Stick to the facts’ [video]

Journalists hope to make politicians more accountable and create a more transparent government by fact checking the statements politicians make.
Woman is speaking (© Bill Chapman Photography)

Women win elections, but first they have to run

When female candidates run, they win, but many need to be reassured that they can have a work-life balance.
Election workers sitting, waiting for voters (© AP Images)

Can you crank up participation rates for young voters?

In most countries there are enough young people to decide elections, yet they have the lowest voting rates. Here's how they can make big impacts locally.
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‘Young people have to have a seat at the table’

Young people have the power to peacefully change the course of elections in many places. Why do some participate in violence?
Television reporter holding microphone up to candidate under NBC News and YouTube logos (© AP Images)

On elections, young Americans turn to YouTube

Where do you learn about political candidates leading up to elections? In the U.S., young voters are turning to the video platform YouTube.

Votes should be earned, not bought

For centuries, candidates have thought that well-placed money would earn them loyalty at the ballot box. It doesn't. It just increases corruption.

Here’s how to rock the vote

For 25 years, Rock the Vote has had one goal: getting the youngest eligible voters in the U.S. to the polls, using pop culture, music, art and technology.

How Nigerian women stood up for themselves and fought election violence

The staff of Nigeria's Women’s Situation Room worked to protect women and children, ensure women's right to vote and respond to threats and violence.

Nigeria’s election: What went right?

Nigerians earlier this year elected new legislative leaders and President Muhammadu Buhari, who defeated incumbent Goodluck Jonathan by 2.5 million votes.