Watchful eyes keep elections fair

Citizen groups that monitor elections will play important roles in assuring that the results of upcoming presidential elections are fair and credible.

More data, better elections

Election data is some of the most important, and activists around the world are calling on their governments to provide it to their citizens.

Everyday conversations for English learners: Class elections [audio]

Practice American English by reading and listening to these real-world everyday conversations. Today's dialogue is on class elections in U.S. schools.

Is your election free and fair? Consider this …

How can you determine whether your election is free and fair? Here are some important questions to ask.

As Africa votes, U.S. partnerships support democratic growth

In Africa, 2015 might become known as the year of elections; nearly half the continent’s population will vote in presidential and parliamentary elections.

Free, fair, transparent Tunisia upholds democratic ideals

In honor of Tunisia’s National Day on March 20, Secretary of State John Kerry praised the resilience of the Tunisian people in their march...

Voting rights are a cornerstone of democracy

The civil rights movement may be an American story, but it continues to inspire democracy around the world. “We may be diplomats, but we should...
Ukrainians holding flag (AP Images)

Sunday’s elections in Ukraine will be a pivotal exercise in democracy

On Sunday, October 26, Ukraine will hold its first Rada (parliamentary) elections since the historic Maidan protest movement led to former President Yanukovych abandoning...