Close-up of African grey parrot (Shutterstock)

Wins for wildlife in 2016

In 2016, governments, organizations and people like you worked hard to save elephants, pangolins, parrots and other critically endangered species.
Elephant herd at water hole (Shutterstock)

A good day for elephants

Stricter regulations in the U.S. will further curb the sale of ivory in an effort to reduce elephant poaching. Will other countries do the same?
Lake reflecting mountains and clouds (National Park Service)

Harnessing peace dividends and conservation via international parks

International peace parks are nothing new. Countries come together to conserve and clean up land near their shared borders. Is there one near you?

U.S. shines a spotlight on wildlife trafficking

In honor of World Wildlife Day, the State Department projected images of animals onto its building to raise awareness about wildlife trafficking.

What does a new trade deal have to do with this...

The Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal will put in place standards that combat wildlife trafficking, as well as overfishing, in countries that sign on.

Good news for elephants in 2016? Ivory prices plummet.

Elephants have a lot to celebrate: Ivory prices have fallen due to greater awareness about the poaching crisis and better cooperation against traffickers.

On the march for elephants and rhinos

The ground will move October 3 to 4 as the Global March for Elephants and Rhinos thunders through your area. These animals are being hunted to extinction.
animals at waterhole

Why should we help conserve wildlife?

Every year, thousands of animal species become extinct. The current rate of extinction is 1,000x greater than it would be because of one factor: humans.

Wildlife at risk

Biodiversity is everywhere on Earth. It encompasses all living things as they interact with each other and their surroundings. The diversity of the environment creates...