Endangered Species

Close-up of two pairs of hands planting cedar sapling (Courtesy of the Lebanon Reforestation Initiative)

Restoring Lebanon’s cedar forests

The legendary cedars of Lebanon, long threatened by deforestation, are making a comeback, thanks to a partnership with the U.S. Forest Service.
Close-up of African grey parrot (Shutterstock)

Wins for wildlife in 2016

In 2016, governments, organizations and people like you worked hard to save elephants, pangolins, parrots and other critically endangered species.
Black-footed ferret peeking out from pipe (© AP Images)

Rare ferrets thrive with daring conservation strategy

Dozens of slinky, ferocious and rare black-footed ferrets are making new homes in Colorado, one year after they were released at a wildlife refuge.
Man holding rat (Brian Johnson/APOPO)

Stop wildlife trafficking? Sounds like a job for Hero Rats.

Hero Rats have helped doctors detect tuberculosis and have saved lives by finding land mines. Now they have a new mission: Stop the illegal wildlife trade.
Guide with stick and John Kerry walking on path through ice (State Dept.)

Secretary Kerry witnesses changing ice in Antarctica

Despite the Paris agreement to cut emissions causing the planet to warm, "we haven't won the battle yet," Kerry told young climate scientists in Antarctica.
Baby pangolin feeding from bottle (© AP Images)

Help for this ‘walking artichoke’ and other wildlife

Pangolins gained the highest protections against illegal trade at the 2016 CITES conference. Governments also voted to protect elephants, sharks and more.
Flower-filled meadow leading to rolling hills in Yosemite National Park (© AP Images)

California’s Yosemite National Park gets even bigger

With its largest expansion in nearly 70 years, Yosemite National Park gains wetlands, meadows and rolling hills that are a haven for endangered species.
Mother duck and ducklings swimming in water (Thinkstock)

100 years of protecting birds in U.S., Canada

Migratory bird conservation goes beyond the work of government and into the hands of everyday people. Stamp collections are just one way to raise awareness.
Clownfish in coral (Wikimedia Commons)

Saving Nemo and the other creatures of the ocean

Clownfish, just like the star of “Finding Nemo,” may soon be listed as endangered because of the environmental damage being inflicted on our oceans.