endangered species

Baby pangolin feeding from bottle (© AP Images)

Help for this ‘walking artichoke’ and other wildlife

Pangolins gained the highest protections against illegal trade at the 2016 CITES conference. Governments also voted to protect elephants, sharks and more.
Flower-filled meadow leading to rolling hills in Yosemite National Park (© AP Images)

California’s Yosemite National Park gets even bigger

With its largest expansion in nearly 70 years, Yosemite National Park gains wetlands, meadows and rolling hills that are a haven for endangered species.
Mother duck and ducklings swimming in water (Thinkstock)

100 years of protecting birds in U.S., Canada

Migratory bird conservation goes beyond the work of government and into the hands of everyday people. Stamp collections are just one way to raise awareness.
Clownfish in coral (Wikimedia Commons)

Saving Nemo and the other creatures of the ocean

Clownfish, just like the star of “Finding Nemo,” may soon be listed as endangered because of the environmental damage being inflicted on our oceans.
Ferret peeking out of a hole in wooden box (© AP Images)

How drones and M&Ms could save this endangered ferret

How can you distribute a vaccine for a life-threatening disease to an endangered species? Here's the plan to save the black-footed ferret.
Regal blue tang fish swimming near colorful coral reef (Shutterstock)

To protect coral reefs, keep Dory swimming [video]

Conservationists urge people to leave the regal blue tang, the fish star of "Finding Dory," in the wild to protect precious coral reefs.
Elephant herd at water hole (Shutterstock)

A good day for elephants

Stricter regulations in the U.S. will further curb the sale of ivory in an effort to reduce elephant poaching. Will other countries do the same?
Whale tail lifting out of water (NOAA)

Here’s a new way for boats to steer clear of whales

Whale Alert provides a real-time display of the ocean and a ship’s position, along with information about where whales have been seen or heard recently.
Sumatran rhinoceros walking through wooded area (© AP Images)

It’s a girl! New calf means hope for rare Sumatran rhino.

The newest Sumatran rhino was born last week in a sanctuary in Indonesia, adding hope for growth to the small population.