endangered species

Two manatees underwater (NOAA)

Whiskery manatees make a comeback in Florida

Thanks to regulations that restrict waterfront development and reduce the speed of boaters, manatee populations are starting to flourish in Florida.

What’s black and white and seen all over the world?

The birth of a panda cub at Washington's National Zoo has thrilled people. Pandas are endangered and the subject of international efforts to breed more.

Wildlife at risk

Biodiversity is everywhere on Earth. It encompasses all living things as they interact with each other and their surroundings. The diversity of the environment creates...

Hollywood stardom was Leonardo DiCaprio’s second dream

Before he became a Hollywood star, Leonardo DiCaprio dreamed of becoming a marine biologist. “As a kid, I always had a fascination with the ocean...
Pacific walruses affected by Arctic climate change (AP Images)

Photo of the day: Walruses face an uncertain future

What would you do if your home melted? It happened to these Pacific walruses, when rising Arctic temperatures liquified their icy abode. The 35,000...