Girl playing violin with prosthetic arm (© AP Images)

College students build a prosthetic arm for a young violinist

Bioengineering students make a prosthetic arm for a 10-year-old girl, born without a complete left arm, who longed to play the violin.
Girls working in a lab (YouTube)video

Helping girls grow up to be engineers [video]

GoldieBlox — toys that combine construction projects and stories of a girl engineer named Goldie — foster spatial skills, and perhaps future engineers.
Sports car viewed from front (© AP Images)

New car designs dazzle in Detroit

More than 800,000 car enthusiasts saw what's next in car design at the 2017 North American International Auto Show in Detroit.
Virtual statue in front of Lincoln Memorial (State Dept.)video

New app builds monuments to scientific geniuses [video]

A free new augmented reality app unveils the stories of people who changed the worlds of science, technology, engineering and math.
People looking up into image of space (© AP Images)

Check out the latest and coolest tech gadgets

Get the latest crazy car concepts, super-thin screens, next-generation phones and oddball gadgets from the 2017 Consumer Electronics Show.
Power plant smokestacks emitting carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases (Shutterstock)

Castles in the air? Carbon dioxide could produce building materials.

A new technique that takes CO2 emissions generated by factories and cars could create new material for buildings, aircraft and athletic equipment.
Students talking among themselves in classroom (Courtesy of Nikita Ankem)

U.S. universities attract more than 1 million international students

More than 1 million students from around the world attend a college or university in the U.S. Find out what they're studying and where.
Nobel Prize winner Michael Kosterlitz in front of a white board (© AP Images)

Nobel laureate: Being ‘young and stupid’ helped unlock different dimensions

Three physicists overturned conventional wisdom, finding strange properties of two- and one-dimensional materials, to win the 2016 Nobel Prize in physics.
Moon, rocket and water (NASA)

University team plans water-powered trip to the moon

A Cornell University team aims to place a satellite powered by water into orbit around the moon in just over a year. Water could fuel space exploration.