English learning

Illustration of hand holding tag with drawing of arm and leg (State Dept./Doug Thompson)

Learning English won’t cost you an arm and a leg [video]

If something “costs an arm and a leg,” that doesn’t mean you have to give up a limb to buy it. Learn six money-related phrases you can use every day.
Brick mansion reflecting in pond (Csetzer/Creative Commons)

Everyday conversations: A day at a president’s house [audio]

What's it like to live as a president? Take a look at a Founding Father's house in Virginia and learn some English phrases.
Picture of Outer Banks, NC (© Shutterstock.com)

Everyday conversations: Visiting the Outer Banks [audio]

Have you ever seen a baby sea turtle hatch? Or the ocean from atop a lighthouse? Learn what you can do in North Carolina and some helpful English phrases!
A mother and daughter enjoy their meals at a restaurant.

Everyday conversations: Ordering at a restaurant [audio]

Learn terms and phrases used when ordering in a restaurant. South Carolina's low country offers Southern specialties and tasty comfort food.
Sea lion kissing a trainer on the cheek (© AP Images)

Everyday conversations: At the aquarium [audio]

Learn English and take a virtual tour of the U.S.! Visit the aquarium in Georgia and find out about marine life.
People riding roller coaster and cheering (© AP Images)

Everyday conversations: Let’s go to Disney World! [audio]

Florida is packed with fun! Go to an amusement park, see a space shuttle, and learn some English phrases.
Person taking picture of statue (State Dept./D.A. Peterson)

Everyday conversations: A trip to the nation’s capital [audio]

Washington, D.C., the nation's capital, houses the three branches of the U.S. government and is known for its monuments and museums. Learn terms about D.C.
Aerial view of Maryland's Chesapeake Bay e (Edwin Remsberg/Alamy Stock Photo)

Everyday conversations: The Chesapeake Bay and blue crabs [audio]

Learn new terms and phrases in English in this discussion about the complex nature of Maryland's Chesapeake Bay ecosystem.
People watching as a boy plays a horn (© AP Images)

Everyday conversations: ‘All men are created equal’ [audio]

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, is a significant place in American Civil War history. Learn English terms and phrases related to these historical events.