environmental protection

Landscape with green hills, lake and mountains (© AP Images/La Tercera)

U.S. group gives national parks to Chile

An American environmental group signed an agreement with Chile’s government to donate huge tracts of land for new national parks.
Large pipes at a pumping station (© AP Images)

Trump administration approves new pipeline

The U.S. gives the green light to build the Keystone XL pipeline, which would carry oil from Canada to refineries along the Texas Gulf Coast once complete.
Google Doodle of cartoon fox running through trees that spell Google (© Google)

Google Doodles draw people to wildlife conservation

Internet giant Google uses "Doodles," little cartoons on its search page, to increase awareness about wildlife conservation around the world.
Row of people on stools speaking to press conference (© AP Images)

Batteries ready to power California grid

Peak-hours demand for energy in Southern California will soon be covered by batteries instead of plants burning natural gas.
Aerial view of large industrial operation in mountainous land (© Cerro Verde/Lance Lundstrom)

This Peruvian mine produces clean water for Arequipa

The Cerro Verde copper mine built a wastewater treatment plant for Arequipa, Peru, solving the town's clean water needs as well as its own.
Aerial view of Hawaiian islands (NASA)

In Hawaii, Pacific leaders set course to protect the planet

World leaders making up the International Union for Conservation of Nature World Conservation Congress travel to Hawaii for the 2016 conference.
Dolphins swimming among a school of sardines in the ocean (© Getty Images/Dmitry Miroshnikov)

Our Ocean 2016

Join world leaders as they discuss ways to protect our ocean for the future of the world during the #OurOcean conference.

These trucks will soon deliver cleaner air

Trucks move 70 percent of U.S. freight, but they emit as much CO2 as 130 coal plants. That’s why President Obama's new fuel-economy standards are crucial.
Workers on drilling platform (© AP Images)

Why did the judge block the environmental protection rule?

A judge has struck down the government's limits on drilling in federal lands using hydraulic fracturing, saying that regulators overstepped their authority.