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Scuba diver swimming near shipwreck's figurehead in Lake Michigan (© AP Images)

Everyday conversations: Going to a Great Lake [audio]

What's so wonderful about the Great Lakes? The treasures they have. Dive into these English terms and learn about what there is to do in Michigan.
Grace Potter and Sheryl Crow performing onstage (Courtesy of Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum Inc.)

Everyday conversations: Let’s talk about music! [audio]

This series of Everyday Conversations is about a family traveling to all 50 U.S. states. They go to Cleveland, Ohio, home of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.
Trees, buildings, bridge and river (Courtesy of Michael Buchanan)

Everyday conversations: A revolt against slavery [audio]

In this conversation, the family visits Harpers Ferry, the site of a famous revolt against slavery. Learn English terms related to the fight to end slavery.
Two young men carrying surfboards to the beach (© AP Images)

Everyday conversations: Let’s go to the beach! [audio]

In this series of Everyday Conversations, a family travels to all 50 states in the U.S. Today, they learn about the history of Rehoboth Beach in Delaware.
Brick mansion reflecting in pond (Csetzer/Creative Commons)

Everyday conversations: A day at a president’s house [audio]

What's it like to live as a president? Take a look at a Founding Father's house in Virginia and learn some English phrases.
Picture of Outer Banks, NC (© Shutterstock.com)

Everyday conversations: Visiting the Outer Banks [audio]

Have you ever seen a baby sea turtle hatch? Or the ocean from atop a lighthouse? Learn what you can do in North Carolina and some helpful English phrases!
A mother and daughter enjoy their meals at a restaurant.

Everyday conversations: Ordering at a restaurant [audio]

Learn terms and phrases used when ordering in a restaurant. South Carolina's low country offers Southern specialties and tasty comfort food.
Sea lion kissing a trainer on the cheek (© AP Images)

Everyday conversations: At the aquarium [audio]

Learn English and take a virtual tour of the U.S.! Visit the aquarium in Georgia and find out about marine life.
People riding roller coaster and cheering (© AP Images)

Everyday conversations: Let’s go to Disney World! [audio]

Florida is packed with fun! Go to an amusement park, see a space shuttle, and learn some English phrases.