extreme weather

Flood waters surrounding buildings and vehicles (© Ivan Alvarado/Reuters)

How El Niño could worsen global hunger

U.S. efforts to improve agriculture and fishing techniques are helping nations prepare for changing weather, including the effects of El Niño.
Woman standing while seated people look on (Courtesy of Live & Learn/USAID)

Helping Pacific Islanders adapt to climate change

Pacific island nations face increasing threats from climate change. The U.S. works with people in the region to further adaptation efforts.
Woman washing clothes on table outdoors (© Orlando Sierra/AFP/Getty Images)

Preparing for hurricane season across Latin America

Learn how the U.S. Agency for International Development and its partners work to bolster Latin America's hurricane response.
Photo of sun at horizon with dolphins and fish swimming underwater (© Willyam Bradberry/Shutterstock.com)

U.S. pledges $6 billion to protect the ocean

The warming of the planet means more heat entering the ocean. See what the U.S. government is doing to counter the problem.
Hand on strap around box with lettering reading 'USAID' (U.S. Air Force/Master Sergeant Matthew Plew)

America’s ongoing support for Pakistan’s flood recovery

To help Pakistan's recovery from devastating floods in 2022, the United States has pledged $100 million in addition to previous aid.
Woman holding packages of food (Courtesy of World Central Kitchen/WCK.org)

They rush into any crisis … and cook

World Central Kitchen has been feeding people in crisis since 2010. Learn about the work the nonprofit does in Ukraine and beyond.
Farmer's hand harvesting grapes using knife (USAID)

Helping to improve food security in Afghanistan

Learn about a USAID program that helps farmers across Afghanistan double their harvests by providing training and resources.
Dramatic sunset over dry, cracked earth (© Ivan Soto Cobos/Shutterstock.com)

How climate change affects the food crisis

This installment in a series looks at how climate change is among factors driving the current global food crisis.
Monica Medina speaking at lectern (State Dept.)

Making the world’s case for water and biodiversity

Monica Medina is the first U.S. special envoy for biodiversity and water resources. She will champion nature protection measures abroad.