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Rugby ball suspended in air near woman (© AP Images)

Unstoppable: After scrum with cancer, she’s ready for rugby

After two nearly career-ending incidents, rugby player Jillion Potter is ready to compete on the world stage at the Olympics in Rio.
Woman is speaking (© Bill Chapman Photography)

Women win elections, but first they have to run

When female candidates run, they win, but many need to be reassured that they can have a work-life balance.
Meryl Streep hugging Michelle Obama from behind (White House/Amanda Lucidon)

A star-studded push for gender equality

During the United State of Women Summit, companies will discuss the gender-pay gap and developing programs for future female entrepreneurs.
Girl dressed in long white dress and headscarf standing against wall (Courtesy of Zarifeh Shalabi)

A California school chooses a prom queen, and inclusion

To show their support for a Muslim friend and their stance against racism, a group of students at Summit High School nominated her as prom queen. She won.
Child with albinism leaning against reflective surface (© AP Images)

A reporter uncovers the lies that hurt people with albinism

A child born with albinism already faces severe health risks. What's worse is they are targeted by those who believe superstitions spread by witch doctors.

Why we honor women of courage

The annual International Women of Courage Award is about more than the winners. Their examples inspire more women to make a difference in public service.

Women’s March Madness creates basketball stars … and business executives

"This is March Madness — anything can happen," says Cierra Burdick, a forward on the Tennessee women's basketball team. The University of Tennessee’s Lady Volunteers are...

What is a woman of courage?

“One of the highlights of my year,” said Michelle Obama.  “You only have to look around the room today to see how strong women...

Meet the youngest woman in Congress. She campaigned from a pickup...

Elise Stefanik proves that youth is no barrier to political success. At age 30, she is the youngest woman ever elected to Congress. During her...