food security

Wide view of President Biden speaking to the United Nations General Assembly (© Richard Drew/AP)

At U.N., Biden calls for cooperation, resilience and peace

Speaking at the U.N. General Assembly, President Biden urged countries to work together toward a safer, more prosperous and equitable world.
Man kneeling in front of row of cows eating alfalfa in barn (Zacharias Abubeker/USAID)

How tech improves dairy farming in Ethiopia

Ethiopia's Eskender Yoseph is growing his farm with equipment from the U.S. government. Learn how this partnership is boosting food security.
Men working in large pile of grain in front of damaged storage facility (© Scott Peterson/Getty Images)

Ukraine’s neighbors offer routes for grain exports

After Russia walked away from the Black Sea Grain Initiative, Ukraine found alternative routes for its grain.
Man carrying sack of wheat on shoulder and head (© Sajjad Hussain/AFP/Getty Images)

World leaders call on Russia to rejoin Black Sea grain deal

Pope Francis and other world leaders urged Russia to comply with an agreement that provides Ukrainian grain to countries around the world
Flood waters surrounding buildings and vehicles (© Ivan Alvarado/Reuters)

How El Niño could worsen global hunger

U.S. efforts to improve agriculture and fishing techniques are helping nations prepare for changing weather, including the effects of El Niño.
Person standing amid debris in field (© Libkos/AP)

Blinken urges countries to step up aid amid global food crisis

The U.S. is providing new aid to address the global food crisis and working with partners to strengthen crops and soils to meet future demand.
Young girl carrying large containers walking with long line of refugees (© Moses Sawasawa/AP)

U.S. continues humanitarian aid for Africa

The U.S. is rushing humanitarian aid to people across Africa who have been affected by conflict. Learn about this lifesaving support.
Woman carrying firewood past women and children standing and sitting next to tents (© Mohamed Sheikh Nor/AP)

Russia leaves U.N. grain deal, threatening world food supply

Learn what officials are saying about the impact of Russia's decision to walk away from the U.N.’s Black Sea Grain Initiative.
Zambian mother holding baby (Dadjie Saintus/UNICEF USA)

How the U.S. supports children in Zambia

Learn how U.S. aid agencies and the United Nations are ensuring that Zambia's children receive the food and education they need to succeed.