food security

Woman and man standing among waist-high plants while holding basket of tomatoes (© Erick Josue Hernandez)

Helping Guatemalans feed their families, boost crops

Learn how U.S.-funded programs have helped Guatemalan farmers increase crop production and feed their families.
Burning grain seen through an opening (© Wojciech Grzedzinski/The Washington Post/Getty Images)

Report details Russia’s damage to Ukrainian crop storage

Learn the extent of damage that Russia's war in Ukraine has caused to crop storage facilities and the risk it poses worldwide.
Graphic showing health care worker holding needle in front of image of grain and U.N. logo (Graphic: State Dept./B. Insley. Photos: © Rahmat Gul/AP Images, © ESB Professional/

Building on the U.N.’s success

Food security and global health issues are among top U.S. priorities at the 77th U.N. General Assembly meeting in New York.
Women sitting on the ground with blue sign about Bhungroo (© Naireeta Services)

Helping farmers in Asia, Africa overcome floods and drought

A company in India that teaches farmers to preserve stormwater for irrigation is partnering with the U.S. to share its invention worldwide.
Woman holding her malnourished child (© Farah Abdi Warsameh/AP Images)

$1 billion in U.S. emergency food security aid rushed to Africa

A portion of the $2.76 billion in U.S. funding President Biden announced in June to address food insecurity has arrived in parts of Africa.
Woman and man sitting next to bags of eggplants in field (Feed the Future Cambodia Harvest II/Solina Kong)

Helping Cambodian farmers grow their businesses

Learn more about a U.S. government program that helps Cambodians increase crop yields and create new markets.
Farmer holding harvested wheat (USAID/Syria)

Helping farmers in Syria tackle the food crisis

USAID is helping tackle a food crisis in northeast Syria by providing high-quality seeds to wheat farmers in the region.
Man and woman standing in field looking at piece of paper (© Likati Thomas/Feed the Future Tanzania Mboga na Matunda)

U.S. Feed the Future program expands in 8 African countries

Learn about Feed the Future, a U.S. government program to combat hunger, and which African countries are getting new agricultural support.
Cans of vegetable oil marked 'USAID' in foreground, with piles of food and lines of people behind (© James Akena/Reuters)

Working with partners to feed refugees in Uganda

The U.S. and international partners are helping feed refugees in Uganda, part of global efforts to ease food shortages around the world.