Chef dishing up a plate of food (© Scott Suchman/Smithsonian Institution)

Serving up rich flavors with a side dish of history

Jerome Grant, Washington native and executive chef of the Sweet Home Café, tells the story of African-American culture through food.
Group of chefs celebrating (© AP Images)

Team USA wins Bocuse d’Or cooking competition

For the first time, an American team has won gold at the Bocuse d'Or, considered the cooking world’s equivalent of the Olympics.
Russian pirozhki on the wooden plate (Shutterstock/Alieva Liubov)

Russian pirozhki, served West Coast style [video]

Igor Avramenko's food truck in Los Angeles combines its owner's two passions: Russian food and American culture.
People eating at the Asian Garden Mall in California (© AP Images)

Asian culture spices up America’s mealtimes

Japanese, Thai, Korean, Indian, Burmese and other Asian cuisines are increasingly available in grocery stores and restaurants in the United States.
Neon pizza sign and man preparing several pizzas (© AP Images)

What takeout food reveals about U.S. history

How and what Americans eat often reflect the changes taking place in society at any particular time. Fast food and pizza delivery can teach us a lot.
Corn dog stand and Ferris wheel at sunset (© AP Images)

State fairs: Livestock, music, food on a stick

Want a taste of America? Stop by a state fair! With rides, music, food and fun, state fairs are a long-standing tradition.

Why Americans give thanks over a shared meal [video]

Thanksgiving in the United States is a time to gather with family and friends, share a traditional meal, and express gratitude for the good things in life.

Forget what you’ve heard about U.S. fast food. Many Americans like...

When it comes to food, a lot of Americans are going back to basics. Thanks in part to the Slow Food movement, chefs and diners are rediscovering homestyle food that is simply prepared using the freshest ingredients.