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Refugee girls posing (@REFGotTalent/Twitter)

‘Life continues’ — Syrian refugees rock talent contest

They have been practicing their moves in Arbat refugee camp in Iraq for this one moment: a shot at fun and stardom in a show called “Refugees Got Talent.”
View of mosque from above (Courtesy of Diyanet Center of America)

Mosques in urban and rural America

A desert in New Mexico, a cornfield in Ohio and a street in New York City have one thing in common: mosques. American Muslims worship here.
Actors in costume standing line and holding hands (© AP Images)

This hip-hop, multiracial musical is smashing records and revolutionizing American views

The rap and hip-hop Broadway musical "Hamilton," about the life and death of Alexander Hamilton, first U.S. treasury secretary, won 11 Tony Awards.
Black T-shirts with NBA team logos in rainbow colors (GLSEN)

Pro basketball teams show pride

During the National Basketball Association championship, players show off their skills on the court and their support for LGBTI rights.
Nelson Mandela speaking to F.W. de Klerk (© AP Images)

What’s a ‘loyal opposition,’ and why does it matter? [video]

For a new democracy to grow and flourish, there must be legitimate, constructive and responsible people's participation. Enter the loyal opposition.
Elderly men and women standing in crowd, wiping their tears (© AP Images)

Did Russia really ban descendants from remembering the victims of Stalin’s...

On the anniversary of Stalin's deportation of thousands of Crimeans from their homes, Russia continues their repression by banning memorial events.
Girl dressed in long white dress and headscarf standing against wall (Courtesy of Zarifeh Shalabi)

A California school chooses a prom queen, and inclusion

To show their support for a Muslim friend and their stance against racism, a group of students at Summit High School nominated her as prom queen. She won.
Young man and woman holding Crimean Tatar flag (© AP Images)

Russia must lift the ban on the Crimean Tatars’ representative body

The international community calls on Russia to reverse a decision by the so-called Supreme Court in Crimea to ban the legislature of the Crimean Tatars.
Two women hugging in front of Stonewall sign (© AP Images)

Will the U.S. get a monument to gay rights?

Soon, the Stonewall Inn could be dedicated as the first national monument in the U.S. for the LGBTI civil rights movement.