Freedom Of Religion

Men and cars in front of yellow church (© AP Images)

Donald Trump’s first stop on Inauguration Day will be the ‘Church...

Separation of church and state doesn’t preclude national leaders' praying in public. Learn about the building nicknamed the "Church of the Presidents."
Prisoners behind barbed wire (Shutterstock)

Verified human rights data is at your fingertips

With the online Country Reports on Human Rights Practices, you can conduct your own investigation into issues and countries of your choice.
Illustration of people practicing four freedoms (State Dept./Doug Thompson)

What does it mean to be free from want or fear?

Before the 1948 Universal Declaration of Human Rights, U.S. President Franklin Roosevelt declared four universal freedoms. Are they relevant today?
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Imprisoned for what they believe [video]

Political prisoners who are unjustly detained have lost their freedoms and been removed from their loved ones' lives too. Sometimes for years.
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How human rights diplomacy turns into real change

“Human rights” can sound like an abstraction, but the work governments do to protect human rights can make the difference between life and death.
Woman wearing turban and glasses (© Amit and Naroop/The Sikh Coalition)

Photos explore the identities of American Sikhs

The Sikh Project, a photo exhibition, shows America's religious diversity and captures glimpses of Sikh Americans and their lives in the U.S.

Religious Diversity in America: The Challenge of Race Relations

Religious diversity is part of what defines America, but it has also presented challenges to leaders and civil society on how to respect citizens' beliefs.
Illustration of two emojis wearing hijabs and three options for hijabs underneath (Courtesy of Aphee Messer)

A teenager proposes a hijab emoji

Rayouf Alhumedhi, a teen from Berlin, has asked the Unicode Consortium to further its efforts on diversity by developing hijab-wearing emojis.
Indians holding signs in protest (© AP Images)

Support religious freedom by getting rid of these laws

Twenty-four percent of countries restrict human rights and limit religious freedom by upholding blasphemy laws. See how citizens and nations are responding.