gender-based violence

It’s not about the award. It’s about women’s lives.

Saba Qaiser was nearly killed by her family for marrying against their wishes. She miraculously survived, and now a documentary film tells her story.

Zero tolerance for female genital mutilation [video]

Mariya Karimjee was just a little girl when she experienced a horror shared by millions of women around the world: genital mutilation.

Investing in girls is smart

Girls' human rights are abused and they are deprived of education in many countries around the world, yet educating girls is key to strong economies.

8 ways to stop violence against women

Thierry Kajeneza grew up in Burundi, seeing women and girls being mistreated. So he started a group that focuses on stopping gender-based violence.

What is a woman of courage?

“One of the highlights of my year,” said Michelle Obama.  “You only have to look around the room today to see how strong women...

It’s time to end FGM/C

More than 125 million women and girls are living with the consequences of female genital mutilation/cutting, also known as FGM/C. Most were age 15...
Lebanese woman holding sign against domestic violence (AP Images)

These inspiring Middle East activists combat gender-based violence

Activists in the Middle East are working to combat domestic violence in their communities. Read their inspiring stories and start your own group to...

To combat gender violence, women have a natural ally: men

Most men agree that gender-based violence is wrong. But many also mistakenly think it is rare. In fact, most men “probably know and love women...

Shot for wanting an education, Malala now inspires a university curriculum

"Who is Malala?" the gunman demanded of bus passengers in Pakistan's Swat Valley before firing his weapon, injuring his target and two of her...