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Mother and child sitting in doorway (© AP Images)

Tools to save new mothers’ lives fit in a purse

Zubaida Bai and her husband, Habib Anwar, founded Ayzh, a company producing low-cost maternal health-care products for women who are without many resources.
Group of smiling children with thatched hut and trees in background (USAID)

Malaria initiative closes in on a child killer

The President's Malaria Initiative has spared millions of people from the suffering of the mosquito-borne disease. The goal now? Save millions more.
Women and children standing on a dirt road in a village (USAID/ADRA)

Healthy women make their communities stronger

The ability of women to get good health care for themselves and their children strengthens families and society.

These pills — and a measuring stick — can stop a...

Scientists have long thought that river blindness was too tough to stop. But now, African countries are looking to wipe out the disease entirely.

Nigeria stops polio. Now what?

In 2012, Nigeria accounted for half of the world’s cases of polio. Now it hasn’t seen a new case in more than a year. What does this mean for the world?

Can we reach zero poverty? These strategies are working.

America participates in many efforts to promote sustainable agriculture and energy and to improve the prosperity of people around the world.

A better future for all starts with one

Three success stories in Honduras, Colombia and Haiti show how Latin American and Caribbean countries have made progress in improving conditions.

Immunizations are for everybody, everywhere

Vaccination saves 2 million to 3 million lives yearly. Reaching children who don't receive vaccines is the goal for World Immunization Week, April 24–30.
Men on street, Stop Ebola T-shirts

Ebola in West Africa: The goal is zero

The yearlong international health response to combat Ebola has sharply reduced the rate of infection. Pushing case numbers to zero is still the goal.