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Man preparing microscope slides as woman with child on her lap sits at table extending her arm (© AP Images)

How speeding up malaria diagnosis can save lives in India

Reducing the number of malaria cases takes multiple, coordinated approaches, including early diagnosis, pesticides and therapy.
Woman standing at bus station covering her face with scarf (© AP Images)

Is your air safe to breathe?

Air pollutants take a toll on your health. A new development that provides real-time air-quality data shows how safe the air around you is.
Woman observing rat in a glass cage (Courtesy of APOPO)

Rats! Meet the heroes helping us defeat TB.

Early detection of life-threatening diseases is critical for controlling and preventing the illnesses. Enter disease-sniffing rats.
Man holding guitar-shaped game control and watching screen (Wexner Medical Center/Battelle)

For quadriplegic this brain chip’s not science fiction [video]

After a diving accident left Ian Burkhart paralyzed, he began working with a local medical center to find ways to regain the use of his hands.
Smiling girl sitting in classroom (Courtesy of the Valley Catholic)

Teen’s ‘breathtaking’ device makes science fair history

Her low-cost device can diagnose five lung diseases and won her school a scholarship. See what's behind her design and ahead for this inventor's future.

Breathe easy: Air-quality monitoring goes local

A new generation of inexpensive, portable devices that allow air quality monitoring to be more targeted is being tested in cities across the U.S.

How do you like your air?

How do you know if you’re breathing clean air? Often you don’t, without access to air quality data. Years ago, U.S. environmental researchers figured out...