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Child drinking water from glass held by woman (Courtesy of Tigre.Paris/Drinkwell)

U.S. company delivers clean water in Bangladesh

Drinkwell is honored with the 2022 Award for Corporate Excellence for its creative way to provide clean water with little waste.
Woman leaning over laptop as man watches (Courtesy of Lynia Huang)

AWE alumna’s app expands mental health care access

Lynia Huang created an app that uses artificial intelligence to help users diagnose and treat depression. Read more about her innovation.
Back of man in hard hat and IAEA vest facing retaining wall (© Koji Sasahara/AP Images)

What is the International Atomic Energy Agency?

Learn more about the global agency that promotes safe, secure and peaceful uses of nuclear technologies around the world.
Woman smiling behind prosthetic legs (Courtesy of BioMec)

From litter to limbs

How a graduate of the Young African Leaders Initiative program recycles plastic from Mozambique’s coastline to make prosthetics.
Colorful shapes, mostly rectangles, arranged in sequence and side by side (© NHGRI/AP Images)

These 3 discoveries will shape the future of medicine

Three recent discoveries by American scientists are advancing the growing field of biotechnology and transforming the future of medicine.
Illustration of ships coming into Boston Harbor in the 1700s (Library of Congress)

How an African protection from smallpox came to be used in...

A practice introduced to American colonists by an enslaved African has saved countless millions around the world from dying of smallpox.
Screenshot of an interface during online meet (Courtesy of Hackathon Thailand)

Meet young leaders fighting the COVID-19 pandemic

Alumni of U.S. government exchange programs are combating COVID-19 in their home countries. See how they are helping to beat the pandemic.
Two women preparing unmanned air vehicle before a flight (© Ruth McDowall/AFP/Getty Images)

Drones deliver COVID-19 vaccines to remote communities

U.S. companies are helping other countries fight COVID-19. Learn why the State Department is honoring Zipline and 3M's efforts overseas.
Woman vaccinating baby held by another woman (© Cristina Aldehuela/ AFP/Getty Images)

U.S. support helps ready world’s first malaria vaccine

The WHO has recommended a malaria vaccine called RTS,S for widespread use. Learn the role the U.S. played in this "historic moment."