Health Technologies

Woman looking through window at others sitting and standing outside (Courtesy of Medic Mobile)

The virtual medic will text you now

A virtual medic can now use mobile communications to bring health care and diagnostic tools to residents of poor and remote areas.
Doctor standing next to her computer (© AP Images)

Is telehealth poised to revolutionize global medical care?

Connecting doctors to patients via mobile devices could be the house call of the future and benefit people living in remote areas.
Mother and son laying on bed behind mosquito net (© AP Images)

Calls to a hotline can predict, and potentially stop, dengue outbreaks

With a call, researchers from the U.S. and Pakistan can predict diseases on the brink of an outbreak, which allows public health officials to manage them.
Diagram of computer converting eye movement into speech (State Dept./D. Thompson)

Could an app help the speechless communicate? This Trinidadian thinks so.

After strokes or head trauma, patients can have difficulty communicating with their caretaker. This entrepreneur is working on an app to give them a voice.
People walking and sitting in an office building (Courtesy of MATTER)

In health care, Goliaths look to startups for ideas

Pharmaceutical companies invest in startups in the search for new drugs because, according to an industry expert, “None of us is as smart as all of us.”
Reflection of person wearing protective gear (© AP Images)

Diseases fly across borders, and these detectives go where the action...

Diseases don't have boundaries. When viruses like Zika, Ebola, MERS and SARS show themselves, these detectives head for the outbreak.
X-ray displaying on TV screen in hospital (© AP Images)

U.S., Europe tackle health challenges together, with technology

New initiatives are bringing health-care professionals together to determine which data points are vital for overseas care while protecting patient privacy.
Package falling from drone (Courtesy of Zipline)

Delivering medicines with a phone and a drone [video]

In remote areas, delivering medical devices and supplies is hard. Zipline's drone drops off important materials regardless of weather or road conditions.
Student writing on plastic cup (© AP Images)

Teenage scientists enlisted to fight Zika

By crowdsourcing data collected by teenage students across the country, scientists are better able to understand and fight Zika.