Hispanic Americans

U.S. women's gynmastics team posing for photo with flowers and confetti (© AP Images)

Meet the U.S. women’s gymnastics team

The U.S. women's gymnastics team is sure to impress fans both inside and outside of the arena. Take a look at the athletes who make up the team.
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New Mexico: Shifting sands, the world’s largest powwow and UFOs

Desert landscapes dotted with rock formations aren't all that's in New Mexico; take a look at Native American culture or tour the UFO museum.

Evildoers beware — new American superheroes enter the fray

Diversity is becoming more prevalent in American culture, as evidenced in comic books and movies. Why is this type of representation significant?

Hispanic children find bridge to mainstream U.S. society

Hector Cortez had a positive role model who pulled him out of gang life, so he gave back by mentoring others through Big Brothers Big Sisters.

American arts rich with Hispanic heritage

These eight great artists have drawn on their Latin American roots as well as American experiences to shape the artistic landscape.

U.S. Catholics increasingly reflect America’s diversity

Pope Francis will meet a diverse flock on his upcoming U.S. visit. More than 30 percent of churches are shared between at least two ethnic or racial groups.

Celebrate Hispanic-American heritage

Hispanic Americans are the largest minority group in the United States, making up 17 percent of the population. Learn more about this vibrant community.

‘Havana on the Hudson’: How Cuban Americans remade Union City, New...

Over the decades, Union City has received a steady influx of immigrants, but no single group has had a more profound impact than the newcomers from Cuba.
People in downtown area (State Dept.)

Far from home, but still connected: American diaspora communities

Global Diaspora Week honors the 232 million people who live outside their country of birth.  More live in the United States than in any other...