human trafficking

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Working together to end human trafficking

A new U.S. report will inform efforts to end human trafficking. Learn about heroes who are working to address this global challenge.
Diptych of two women (Left: © Kim Van Oosten/Catholic Health Association. Right: Courtesy of Tanya Gould)

Survivors work to prevent human trafficking, aid victims

Increasingly, trafficking survivors' input is shaping public policies to combat human trafficking. Meet two survivors who are leading the way.
Adults and children stepping out of bus with 'children' sign in Russian (© Leo Correa/AP Images)

Report: Russia’s filtration operations violate international humanitarian law

A new report from Yale's Humanitarian Research Lab describes potential human rights abuses committed by Russian soldiers against Ukrainians.
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Heroes in the worldwide fight against human trafficking

The new State Department Trafficking in Persons Report says women and children are at risk of human trafficking around the world.
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Murals with a message

Meet a couple who believe art can be a powerful medium to inspire social change and see their amazing results.
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Ending violence against women: A human rights imperative

November 25 is the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women. Learn how the U.S. is tackling this issue around the world.
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U.S. works with Mexico to strengthen border security

The United States and Mexico are working together to increase the U.S.-Mexico border's security and to deter human smugglers.
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Fight for a world without human trafficking

A new State Department report will inform global efforts to fight human trafficking. Learn more about the heroes who are supporting victims.
Illustration of 19th-century cargo schooner offshore, with Africans in rowboat arriving at the shore (© The History Collection/Alamy)

How the Amistad helped America live up to its ideals

The Amistad case helped dozens of Africans escape slavery and forced America to live up to its founding ideals. Read more about it here.