human trafficking

Mabel Cáceres interviewing man while surrounded by people (International Women's Media Foundation)

Meet journalists who risked their lives reporting

Not everyone gets death threats for doing their jobs. These women do. Learn more about journalists Mabel Cáceres, Janine di Giovanni and Stella Paul.
Poor Mauritanians behind cyclone fencing (© AP Images)

The fight against human trafficking continues in Mauritania

The founders of Mauritania’s largest anti-slavery group were honored as heroes at the release of the 2016 Trafficking in Persons report.
Two emotional people embracing (© AP Images)

What is the world doing to end modern slavery?

The 2016 Trafficking in Persons Report ranks 188 countries, including the United States, on their effectiveness in combating human trafficking.

7 things you should know about human trafficking

Human trafficking, or modern slavery, is a debasement of our common humanity. Some estimates say there are over 20 million victims worldwide. Get the facts.

Honor yesterday’s slaves by helping their modern counterparts

With the stroke of a pen, President Abraham Lincoln used an executive order to transform the American Civil War from a fight over political...

20 million enslaved: Here’s how you can help

Think slavery is a relic of the past? Think again. The International Labour Organization estimates that nearly 21 million people today are enslaved. That...
Ethnic Uighur boy rescued from Thailand (AP Images)

Don’t look away. Human trafficking is everywhere, but you can help

Slavery is not a relic of the distant past. Human trafficking today fuels the modern slave trade. Right now, at least 20 million people are...
Child soldier in Myanmar (AP Images)

Child soldiers: 300,000 tragedies

There are 300,000 child soldiers in the world today, roughly the same number as in 1989. Why do children continue to be abused in this way?