humanitarian assistance

Young girl carrying large containers walking with long line of refugees (© Moses Sawasawa/AP)

U.S. continues humanitarian aid for Africa

The U.S. is rushing humanitarian aid to people across Africa who have been affected by conflict. Learn about this lifesaving support.
Woman carrying firewood past women and children standing and sitting next to tents (© Mohamed Sheikh Nor/AP)

Russia leaves U.N. grain deal, threatening world food supply

Learn what officials are saying about the impact of Russia's decision to walk away from the U.N.’s Black Sea Grain Initiative.
People sitting around makeshift shelter (© Eloge Mbaihondoum/World Food Programme)

How the World Food Programme fights food insecurity

Nearly 840 million people do not have regular access to adequate food around the world. The World Food Programme is tackling the problem.
Close-up grain growing in field (USAID AGRO/Sodel Vladyslav)

More Ukrainian grain delivered worldwide via U.N. deal

Over 65% of Ukrainian wheat exported through a U.N. initiative reached developing countries as of March. Learn more about the deal.
Women carrying bags of netting through field (© UNICEF/Mark Naftalin)

UNICEF receives unprecedented backing from the United States

With more than $880 million in contributions in 2021, the U.S. government is UNICEF's largest donor. Learn how else the U.S. supports UNICEF.
Syrian refugee family sitting on ground in front of tent (© Bilal Hussein/AP)

U.S. continues humanitarian support for Syria

Syrians face dual crises from natural disasters and conflict. Learn how the U.S. is supporting the relief effort.
People walking in flooded street guiding inflatable boat with others riding inside (© Olexander Kornykov/Vgoru Media)

U.S. sends aid to Ukraine following destruction of Kakhovka Dam

The U.S. is sending emergency aid to Ukraine after the destruction of a dam displaced thousands. Learn about U.S. support for relief efforts.
Two U.S. Navy doctors in uniform helping Sudanese evacuee off ship (© Amr Nabil/AP)

U.S. announces additional funding for people of Sudan and neighboring countries

The United States is providing $246 million in humanitarian aid to help the people in Sudan and four neighboring countries.
Combine harvesting wheat, stork flying over (© Alexey Furman/Getty Images)

The importance of the U.N. Black Sea Grain Initiative

Learn about an initiative brokered by Türkiye and the United Nations last July between Ukraine and Russia and why it should continue.