Lava flowing from volcano (© AP Images)

From lava to solar: These renewables are so hot right now

What type of energy do you use? The five dominant sources of renewable energy range from solar and wind to lava and biomass.
Wave generator overlooking ocean (© AP Images)

Are ocean waves America’s energy future?

The U.S. Navy's wave generator taps the energy potential of the ocean and could help supply remote areas with much-needed electricity.
Blue, wavy lines showing energy (Gonin/Shutterstock)

‘Blue energy’ could be another way to go green

A new source of energy could be found where rivers meet the ocean, using a technique that captures the electrical charge during osmosis.
Wind turbines silhouetted by sun (AP Images)

Communities win with renewable energy

Americans love to compete. It might be baseball, or basketball or...green power? Beginning in 2013, a number of U.S. cities stepped up to the...