Stay cool with these summer phrases

Learn cool American English phrases that describe summer in the U.S.

Score a goal with the language of soccer

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Get your feet wet with these ocean-inspired phrases

“Getting your feet wet” doesn’t have to involve water. Americans use the phrase to say they’re trying something new. Here are other ocean-inspired idioms.

You don’t have to pay top dollar to learn English

It's often said that if you want the best, you have to "pay top dollar." But some of the best things in life — such as learning English — are indeed free.

Branch out with these tree-inspired phrases

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There’s no free lunch — but talking like an American doesn’t...

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Get handy phrases straight from the horse’s mouth

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Color your conversations with the many shades of American speech

Most issues aren’t black or white, meaning they are not always clear-cut. That might be why Americans use these color-based idioms in their everyday speech.

It’s raining cats and dogs with these weather-based phrases

Americans use weather-related words and phrases to describe things other than the weather. You should know these if you’re learning American English.