Various pieces of art arranged in rows (Courtesy of JAMMARTT)

Muslim-Jewish exhibit explores shared immigration stories

A group of Jewish and Muslim artists in Virginia are sharing their and their families' immigration stories through an exhibition. Learn more.
Hand wrapped in leather straps of tefillin holding electronic tablet over Torah (© Jacquelyn Martin/AP Images)

Diversity has long defined America’s Jewish community

May is Jewish American Heritage Month. Learn why Jewish people in the United States mirror the country's diversity and why the face of Judaism is changing.
Christine Abizaid gesturing and talking as Biden stands nearby (© Susan Walsh/AP Images)

April is National Arab American Heritage Month

President Biden and Secretary Blinken celebrate Arab American contributions to American society. Over 3.5 million Arab Americans live in the United States.
Hand holding up heart sign in colors of Ukraine and Russia saying 'Russians against war' (© Michael M. Santiago/Getty Images)

‘We are horrified’: Russians in U.S. condemn invasion of Ukraine

U.S. residents who identify with their Russian heritage are showing support for the people of Ukraine in various ways.
Girls performing an Irish dance in a parade (© Shiho Fukada/AP Images)

Everyone is Irish on March 17

When people think of St. Patrick's Day, they usually think of green clothes, corned beef and parades — none of which are originally Irish!
Man spraying bottle of champagne next to group of people in street with Joe Biden mural in background (© Charles McQuillan/Getty Images)

Biden’s heritage links towns in Pennsylvania, Ireland

President Biden's Irish ancestry links two towns in Pennsylvania and County Mayo, Ireland, in their pride of connections.
A diverse group of students holding a frame and posing for a group picture (© Arielle Moncure/UNHCR)

United States doubles goal for refugee admissions

The United States has doubled the number of refugees it will admit in the next fiscal year for possible resettlement. Learn more.
Crowd of Haitian schoolchildren smiling for the camera (Kendra Helmer/USAID)

U.S. and Haiti work to address migration challenges

U.S. State Department officials met with Haitian leaders to discuss ways to address the root causes of their migration crisis.
Composite of three portraits (© Michael Palma Mir, © Geandy Pavón and © Guadalupe Maravilla/Andrew W. Mellon Foundation)

Meet groundbreaking U.S. Latinx artists

A new U.S. arts grant funded by the Ford Foundation and The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation will allow 15 Latinx artists to expand their work.