Ivanka Trump (© AP Images)

November summit in India to focus on emerging women entrepreneurs

The 2017 Global Entrepreneurship Summit in Hyderabad, India, with Ivanka Trump leading the U.S. delegation, will focus on women entrepreneurs.
Burmese python sticking its tongue out (© AP Images)

Indian snake hunters lend skills to stop Florida python invasion

Two snake catchers from India might have the secret to saving Florida wildlife from Burmese pythons. In just four weeks they caught nearly 30 snakes.
Man preparing microscope slides as woman with child on her lap sits at table extending her arm (© AP Images)

How speeding up malaria diagnosis can save lives in India

Reducing the number of malaria cases takes multiple, coordinated approaches, including early diagnosis, pesticides and therapy.

India’s ‘River from the Sky’ fills village reservoirs

An Indian entrepreneur designs a rainwater collection system that provides clean drinking water for thousands of residents of villages in Rajasthan.

India set for an internet boom

India has 120 million Internet users, according to Online and upcoming: The Internet’s impact on India, a report by McKinsey & Company (December 2012),...

Working together to grow clean energy in India

Clean energy and smart tech will boost India's economy and bring global benefits, so leaders in both the United States and India are making it a priority.

Photo exhibit documents U.S.-China alliance in World War II

Millions of Chinese have learned about their country's World War II military alliance with the United States through the "National Memories" photo exhibit.

Photo journey of the growing partnership between the U.S. and India

President Obama’s second visit to India signifies America’s transformational relationship with one of the world’s great civilizations. During the president’s first trip to India...

A defining partnership: U.S. and Indian economies draw closer

As Indian businesses increasingly look to the U.S. market for expansion opportunities and U.S. companies consider more investments in India, the two countries are...