People dumping buckets of water over their heads (© AP Images)

After the ice bucket challenge, progress toward a cure [video]

U.S. citizens, celebrities, athletes and politicians videotaped themselves pouring buckets of ice water over their heads for a cure to ALS — it paid off.
Composite image of photos of panelists and information on webinar schedule (State Dept.)

Here’s some unusual advice for entrepreneurs

Worried about the competition? Forget about it. Just come up with a new business product that nobody else has on the market.
People walking by LinkNYC kiosk on sidewalk (Courtesy of CityBridge)

In New York, fast, free Wi-Fi is right down the block

New York City is replacing old and obsolete telephone booths with kiosks offering free, lightning-fast internet connections to anyone within 45 meters.
Trees and buildings surrounding the Euro symbol sculpture (© AP Images)

A Silicon Valley for Europe?

While European countries have the manpower, they are falling behind in innovation and research when compared to the U.S. and Asia. What is missing?
Solar Impulse 2 plane flying over city (© AP Images)

They did it! Pilots complete their flight around the world in...

Powered by the sun, and storing energy in lithium batteries, two pilots flew this historic plane 35,000 kilometers around the world.
A young girl sitting among solar lanterns (Flickr/TEDx Leh)

Start a business. Help the poor.

The Unreasonable Group believes for-profit companies with a social mission can address global challenges more effectively than nonprofits can.
Smiling students holding mobile phones (Courtesy of Eneza Education)

Virtual lessons expand education’s reach in Africa

Mobile technology is improving access to education in sub-Saharan Africa, a region in which millions of children drop out of primary school each year.
Doctor standing next to her computer (© AP Images)

Is telehealth poised to revolutionize global medical care?

Connecting doctors to patients via mobile devices could be the house call of the future and benefit people living in remote areas.
President Obama, three entrepreneurs and Mark Zuckerberg sitting on stage (Flickr/GES)

Young Rwandan innovator meets Obama

Jean Bosco Nzeyimana was only 19 when he began using biomass and waste to develop eco-friendly fuels. His innovation led to a meeting with President Obama.