international cooperation

‘Daesh is stealing your antiquities’

Artifacts stolen by Daesh terrorists are back in Iraq where they belong.

‘A day for removing barriers,’ Kerry says on U.S.-Cuba ties

Cuban Foreign Minister Rodriguez and Secretary Kerry explain the importance of renewing the diplomatic relationship and other ties between the countries.

Ukraine is open for business

U.S. leaders affirm U.S. commitment to Ukraine’s economic reforms and the importance of the private sector in improving Ukraine’s investment climate.

Secretary Kerry explains the Iran pact

The pact reduces Iran’s stockpile of enriched uranium, cuts the number of centrifuges and expands the time it would take Iran to produce fissile material.

What should prison be?

Nelson Mandela survived decades in prison. Inmates today shouldn't have to endure his hardships, thanks to UN rules named for the late South African statesman.

President Obama announces a historic nuclear deal with Iran

After two years of negotiations, the U.S. and international partners have achieved something that decades of animosity has not — a comprehensive, long-term deal that will prevent Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon.

U.S., Cuba re-establish diplomatic relations. Here are the facts.

On July 1, President Obama announced the historic decision to re-establish diplomatic relations between Cuba and the U.S., effective July 20.

MERS can be lethal, but we’re all fighting back

An infectious, sometimes deadly virus is taking lives in East Asia for the first time. But health workers are making progress in containing the MERS virus.

The game-changing U.S.-China climate agreement [video]

Just months after agreeing to reduce carbon emissions, the United States and China are meeting in Washington with climate change at the top of the agenda.