international cooperation

The North American bat rescue mission

Bats have an undeserved bad reputation. Now some species of these harmless, hardworking mammals are endangered. North American governments to the rescue!

U.S. honors its enduring partnership with Australia and New Zealand

The U.S., Australia and New Zealand may be separated by the world’s largest ocean, but it doesn’t stop them from partnering on global peace and security.
Green northern lights in sky over frozen Arctic waters.

The world looks north

The Arctic has enormous economic and environmental influence on the planet. So the world will be watching when the Arctic Council meets April 24–25.

Global coalition unwavering in fight against Daesh terrorists

Special presidential envoy John Allen says the international community will not waver in its collective resolve to degrade and defeat Daesh.

Global nuclear disarmament is the goal

The U.S. is committed to its nuclear disarmament obligations. It continues to reduce the number of nuclear weapons and their role in national security.

Enhancing U.S.-China cooperation on energy and climate change

As the world’s largest economies and the largest greenhouse gas emitters, the U.S. and China have a leading role to play in addressing climate change.

Syria still needs your help

The scope of crisis in Syria — with nearly 4 million refugees outside its borders and 12.2 million inside the country — demands the world’s attention.

As Daesh loses territory, U.S. and Iraqi military leaders pledge further...

Secretary of Defense Ash Carter and Iraqi Defense Minister Khalid al-Obeidi reaffirmed their commitment to degrading and ultimately defeating Daesh.
Men on street, Stop Ebola T-shirts

Ebola in West Africa: The goal is zero

The yearlong international health response to combat Ebola has sharply reduced the rate of infection. Pushing case numbers to zero is still the goal.