International Security

Security cameras on pole above photo of Mao Zedong (© Andy Wong/AP Images)

New U.S. restrictions seek to deter China’s abuses

The U.S. is imposing restrictions against Chinese officials and companies for supporting the regime's rights abuses, technology theft and other misconduct.
Chinese flag hanging near security camera mounted on ceiling (© Mark Schiefelbein/AP Images)

U.S. acts to protect investors from Beijing’s military fundraising

The U.S. is blocking Chinese firms that support China's military from raising funds on stock exchanges in the United States.
People wearing Red Cross emblems and cranes near rubble at blast site (© Jim Bourdier/AP Images)

The Iranian regime’s 40-year campaign of assassinations

Since the 1979 revolution Iran has plotted assassinations and bombings against diplomats and dissidents. See some of Iran's campaign of violence.
Mike Pompeo speaking at lectern (© Jessica McGowan/Getty Images)

Pompeo urges U.S. colleges to defend academic freedom

Secretary of State Michael R. Pompeo urged U.S. universities to protect academic freedom from the Chinese Communist Party's attempts to undermine it.
Words about China's behavior laid over photo of tanks in street in front of image of Xi Jinping (© AP Images)video

Beijing’s military aggression [video]

China's military aggression puts the world at risk and raises the threat of violent conflict from the Himalayas to the South China Sea.
Threatening people standing on roof and milling in front of building (© Amine Landoulsi/AP Images)

Local staff members of U.S. Embassy recognized as heroes

Badye and Hella Ladhari were locally employed U.S. Embassy staff members in Tunis when violent protests threatened the embassy September 14, 2012.
Screen grab of an online meeting with faces on multiple small screens (State Dept.)

Creating meaningful exchanges with leaders around the world

The State Department's International Visitor Leadership Program is celebrating 80 years of bringing leaders from around the world to the U.S.
View of meeting in large hall, with speaker shown on two jumbo screens (United Nations)

China’s manipulation of international organizations

Chinese Communist Party officials subvert international organizations to support the party's priorities and evade criticism for China's human rights abuses.
Two people walking toward a wall with 'don't forget' spray-painted on it (© Darko Bandic/AP Images)

The Dayton Accords: 25 years of peace in Bosnia and Herzegovina

The United States helped end a bloody war in Bosnia and Herzegovina with a peace agreement reached in Dayton, Ohio, 25 years ago.