International Security

U.S. commander: A revanchist Russia is a growing threat

The resurgence of a revanchist Russia poses new security challenges for the United States and its European partners, says a U.S. military commander.

Kerry’s historic visit to Somalia

For the first time in history, a sitting U.S. secretary of state visits Somalia. Secretary Kerry announces a plan to re-establish a diplomatic mission.

Ways that World War II changed the world

In 2015, countries are remembering the end of World War II. It wasn't just the end of a terrible conflict, but the beginning of how things work today.

Daesh weakened in Iraq and Syria by global coalition efforts

Daesh (ISIS/ISIL) is on the defensive, and Operation Inherent Resolve airstrikes continue to inflict casualties on terrorists in Iraq and Syria.

Japanese prime minister makes history in Washington

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe made history on April 29 when he became the first Japanese head of state to address a joint meeting of Congress.

Uniting the world against nuclear proliferation

Now in its 45th year, the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty is vital to global security; the world must continue to advance global nonproliferation goals.
A woman inserting a ballot into a glass ballot box at a polling station (© AP Images)

U.S. applauds Ukraine’s progress on reforms

The U.S. stands in solidarity with Ukraine, Vice President Biden says via video at the International Support for Ukraine Conference in Kyiv April 28.

Who can counter violent extremism? You can.

“Too often, we approach youth as the passive recipients of campaigns to counter violent extremism, rather than active participants in shaping their strategy and spearheading their implementation.” — Ambassador Power

U.S. honors its enduring partnership with Australia and New Zealand

The U.S., Australia and New Zealand may be separated by the world’s largest ocean, but it doesn’t stop them from partnering on global peace and security.