labor rights

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What is blockchain and why should workers care?

Learn how this innovative technology could help companies around the world keep track of their supply chains and find out how their suppliers' workers are treated.
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Getting child labor out of supply chains

Ten percent of the world’s children are used for child labor. Learn what some U.S. organizations are doing to reduce that by cleaning up supply chains.
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Meet Alex Acosta, U.S. secretary of labor

Secretary of Labor Alex Acosta, a lawyer skilled in labor and civil-rights issues, rose from modest roots to the top of his field. Here's his story.
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Meet the American worker

America's legendary productivity is driven by its workers. Learn about the U.S. workforce as the country prepares to celebrate Labor Day on September 4.
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Fighting back against the modern slave trade

Human trafficking is a scourge of the modern world. But U.S. cities and states are taking steps to combat this $150-billion-a-year enterprise.
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How human rights diplomacy turns into real change

“Human rights” can sound like an abstraction, but the work governments do to protect human rights can make the difference between life and death.
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What Labor Day means in America

Honoring workers and the progress on workers' rights, Labor Day has a long history. See how Americans celebrate this holiday.
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What is the world doing to end modern slavery?

The 2016 Trafficking in Persons Report ranks 188 countries, including the United States, on their effectiveness in combating human trafficking.

Even small companies can make a big difference

When it comes to making a difference, companies don’t have to be huge. Small companies found success helping workers and communities build better lives.