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Inventions of 2022

Several U.S. companies released inventions during 2022 with a mission to help others or improve the environment.
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These Americans helped Russians improve their English

Meet three experienced English instructors in the U.S. who recently virtually taught teachers and students in Russia.
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How U.S. students gain financial literacy

Financial education is now being taught in many U.S. secondary schools, and nonprofit groups are pushing to make it happen nationwide.
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On editing: How this scholar built America’s go-to poetry collection

An English professor faced "poetry wars" as he chose English-language poems for an anthology. His strategy: an international lineup.
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How to tell fact from fiction online — even in wartime

Don't be fooled by rogue sites pretending to be news. Here are some tips for evaluating online information.
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U.S. offers Egyptian students English skills and career paths

Two Egyptian students completed a U.S.-backed English learning program that built their self-confidence and prepared them for careers.
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Meet 4 education ‘changemakers’ in Africa

These young African innovators are improving the quality of education in their communities with apps and games that make learning fun.
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The world’s largest library offers digital collections

Did you know you can find a rundown of popular memes in the Library of Congress' digital collections? Learn about its other treasures.
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Dictionaries add words as American English evolves

Learn some of the new words and phrases that were recently added to dictionaries and see how they reflect our rapidly changing world.