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Learn English for journalism — for free

Are you ready to take your writing to the next level? Learn how to read, write and edit like a journalist with a free online class.
Crowd of people standing outside and listening (U.S. Embassy Kyiv)

Will Ukraine break a Guinness World Record with an English class?

On May 28, thousands of people in Ukraine aimed for a Guinness World Record by simultaneously participating in an interactive English-language lesson.
Four women and three men cheering around glass-fronted box of books on pole (Courtesy of Little Free Library)

Forget all you thought you knew about libraries

Libraries are increasingly accessible, not only in number, but in what they offer; in some libraries, you can find exercise equipment and 3-D printers.
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Advance your career with these free English classes

The U.S. Department of State and the University of Pennsylvania are offering free online courses for non-native speakers to build English skills.
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Love languages? Many U.S. colleges will help you learn a new...

In North America, college students can live in language houses on campus. This immersive language learning also provides insight into other cultures.
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Boost your brain by learning a new language

Mastering a new language not only can boost your confidence, introduce you to a new culture or land you a job; it also can offer cognitive benefits.
Girl uses apps for English learners on her mobile phone

The world of English in the palm of your hand. These...

Whether you already speak English or are just starting out, you’ve probably got a powerful tool to help you reach the next level: the apps on your phone.

Make these apps your business partners

Whether you need support in cash management, business development or communications, these free apps can make your business better.
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No Internet? Take an online course offline…at MOOC Camp

Massive open online courses (known as MOOCs) let anyone with an Internet connection access university courses from around the world. But what if you...