Workers picking cotton in a field (© Timur Karpov/AP Images)

How the U.S. supports workers’ rights around the world

The U.S. fights for the rights of workers worldwide. Learn more about U.S. efforts to improve working conditions in countries around the world.
Man wearing reflective sunglasses (Joshua Yospyn/JSI)

Ebola survivors in Liberia regain sight with U.S. help

A U.S.-backed program helps those who lost their sight to Ebola and provides training to help Liberia build a more self-reliant health workforce.
Ellen Johnson Sirleaf at lectern (State Dept./D.A. Peterson)

Outgoing Liberian president: ‘Democracy is unstoppable’

Liberian President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf is spending the twilight of her final term thanking the U.S. and the U.N. for their unwavering support.
Woman holding twin children (Last Mile Health)

Doctor who brings health care to remote Liberia wins $1 million

“In our world, illness is universal, but access to care is not,” said Raj Panjabi. He's trying to change that by getting medical care to isolated areas.

Liberia claims ‘monumental’ win over Ebola

Liberia's Ebola outbreak is over, the World Health Organization declares, more than 45 days after the last known Ebola transmission in Liberia.

After Ebola, ‘flow and rhythm’ of life revived in Liberia

After a horrific year beset by a devastating disease, Liberia may be close to liberation from Ebola. “Cases are now down 95 percent from the...