Earth rising over lunar horizon (NASA)

World Space Week 2017 celebrates exploration [video]

Cities around the world host thousands of events October 4–10 for World Space Week 2017. Get excited for "exploring new worlds in space."
Planet Mars (NASA)

Fact or fiction: Take our quiz about Mars [video]

How much do you really know about the Red Planet? Do you want to go there some day? Test your Mars smarts with this quick quiz.
Alyssa Carson in space simulator (Courtesy of Alyssa Carson)

Inspiring the next generation of female space pioneers

Alyssa Carson has a big dream — she's training to be on the first mission to Mars. A new law aims to inspire young women like her to stick with science.
Mars (NASA)

NASA rover discovers possible precursor to life on Mars

NASA's Curiosity found the element boron on Mars — an element that offers tantalizing clues about whether ancient Mars once harbored life.
Person in space suit walking outdoors (University of Hawai'i)

Scientists just spent a year ‘on Mars.’ What did they learn?

Six international scientists who spent a year in near isolation to simulate life on Mars came out of their dome in Hawaii on August 28.
Two people in space station (NASA via AP Images)

Will this device identify life on Mars?

U.S. astronaut Kate Rubins will be testing a new device that analyzes genetic material by sequencing DNA to see if it can be used in space.
Spacecraft booster undergoing fiery test (NASA)

Fired up for Mars: World’s most powerful booster passes final test

Before upcoming U.S. space excursions to the moon and beyond, the rocket booster for the missions underwent a test that turned sand to glass.
Robot (© AP Images)

Students start tinkering with NASA’s latest Mars robots

A 6-foot, 300-pound humanoid robot named Val may make some of the first footprints on Mars, with a little help from university students.
Planet Mars (NASA)

Space potatoes could feed first explorers on Mars

NASA scientists are looking to make spuds on Mars a reality as they work on developing a mission to that planet and back in the 2030s.